"Bromadiolone" 的中文翻译,定义和例句






1, No recombination between resistance to warfarin and Bromadiolone was observed, indicating a common genetic basis.

2, The locus responsible for resistance to the anticoagulants warfarin and Bromadiolone (locus symbol Rw) was integrated into the rat (Rattus norvegicus) microsatellite genome map.
【翻译】负责抗凝血剂华法林和溴敌百虫(基因座符号Rw)的位点被整合到鼠(Rattus norvegicus)微卫星基因组图中。

3, Exposure of Raptors and Waterbirds to Anticoagulant Rodenticides (Difenacoum, Bromadiolone, Coumatetralyl, Coumafen, Brodifacoum

4, All specimens of the genusMus were nearly totally resistant against Coumatetralyl and Chlorphacinone and remarkable less susceptible to Bromadiolone and Difenacoum than the voles.

5, The rodenticides Coumatetralyl, Chlorphacinone, Difenacoum and Bromadiolone were tested against the following species of rodents in Portugal: Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), roof rat (R.
【翻译】灭鼠剂Coumatetralyl,Chlorphacinone,Difenacoum和Bromadiolone在葡萄牙被测试对以下物种啮齿目动物:布朗鼠(Rattus norvegicus),屋顶鼠(R.

6, What is Bromadiolone? What are some products that contain Bromadiolone? How does Bromadiolone work? How might I be exposed to Bromadiolone? What are some signs and symptoms from a brief exposure to Bromadiolone?

7, Short Term Exposure. Bromadiolone is very toxic by inhalation, contact with the skin and by ingestion. May cause eye irritation. Signs and symptoms of acute Bromadiolone exposure: Bromadiolone is an anticoagulant.
【翻译】短期暴露。 Bromadiolone通过吸入,接触皮肤和摄入非常有毒。可能会引起眼睛刺激。急性溴敌隆暴露的症状和体征:溴敌隆是一种抗凝剂。

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